Little Story

production and exportation of spices, herbs, seeds and pulses. Our grandfathers established the company in 1930 in Egypt, Fayoum, which has the best soil and weather for the production of a variety of spices, herbs, and seeds..

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Through three generations, EGYSPICES is growing so swiftly that it has become one of the most vital leaders, indeed a pioneer, in production, manufacturing, and exportation of spices, herbs, pulses, and seeds. Quality, which leads to health promotion, is our goal in the first place. .We are committed to be our customers’ most trusted partner

Our values

The best-quality product for the best competitive price.

Our customers' success is the most important ingredient to our success.

Adding value to our customers' product will enhance their business and consequently ours. - Doing business is to be based on Mutual trust, diligence and reliability

We abide by the international laws and values of the international community.

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