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"EGYSPICES" is family company specialized in the production and exportation of spices, herbs, seeds and pulses. Our grandfathers established the company in 1930 in Egypt, Fayoum, which has the best soil and weather for the production of a variety of spices, herbs, and seeds. We began exportation of spices, herbs, and seeds in 2002. We have clients all over the world. Having a history and experience of three generations in the trade of spices, herbs, and seeds, we at the company are now opening new markets all over the world for development and expansion maintaining the quality and purity of our products. For us, quality is our way to conquer the world with our products: fennel, coriander, caraway, cumin, anise, sesame, fenugreek, dill, peppermint, spearmint, chamomile, calendula, hibiscus, lemon grass, red pepper, dried molokhia, celery,...etc

. As for production, we have our own farms and we also collaborate with local growers giving them financial support to provide us with the best yield, according to the international standards. SpiceslandCo has modern warehouses where spices, herbal, and seeds raw material are processed and transformed by a highly-trained and experienced team that guarantees the highest quality assurance and product safety. Our success is based on mutual trust, highest quality, and commitment with our clients

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why us?

We have a three-generation- experience of valuable knowledge in the field. price.

We provide the highest quality at the best competitive

We save your time and money for immediate shipment.

Efficiency and transparency are our way of success.

Our company is as dynamic as the world market of spices trade delivering extraordinary quality and competitive prices at the same time.

Consumer protection and good health promotion are our goal.

Our well-trained team processes and preserves our products in the best conditions following the international health and legal regulations.